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Пока все ждали результатов Games Jam'a, мы тут еще в Ludum Dare 38 поучаствовали. ;)

Welcome to YOSILand!


This is the land of 6 races that struggle for your soul. Their prosperity depend on your everyday life decisions. Just answer a couple of seemingly simple questions and see them build and destroy their lands. Reach the end the see the VERDICT OF YOUR LIFE! Good luck!

Meet The GUYS.

**Paul** lives in the world of pure entertainment. He hates working, helping others and visiting relatives. He's a true specialist at dance parties, but knows nothing about spiritual.

**Mr. Josh** is a hard-worker. He'd be glad to work over the weekend and go to a conference instead of making a proposal to his GF. Be careful. If everything seems good, your career most likely sucks at the moment.

**Kanye.** Kanye is a good friend. He helps you and talks to you on the phone when you have a bad period. But at the same time he's very jealous and will be upset if you spend time on work, your fiancee or even your family instead of him!

**Fray.** Fray is a good lover and a family guy. He likes to spend time with GF's relatives, longs to get married etc. But he hates when you work too much or spend time on entertainment instead of family.

**Benedict**, as you can see is a preacher. He praises you for good deeds and curses for egoism. But be careful! He doesn't care about anything else. You can end up dull and poor if you live your life only for the others.

And, finally, **Jane**. She's a coach. She's upset when you party and drink alcohol. She doesn't care about family, friends, career or whatever you think is important until it harms your health. Keep it fit!

So, as you can see, to keep the guys in harmony may be not an easy task. Try several times and you'll manage to live a "balanced life" and "be great at everything".


A couple of words on how we created the game.

Hi, meet our team! My name is Denis and this is my girlfriend Sasha.

This is our first time at Ludum Dare and we are really excited to present the rough version of the game of our dream https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/your-small-world-2.

Initially I wanted to do all by myself and take part in the Compo, but in the process I realized I won't manage to do it without help. So Sasha offered help and I gladly accepted. She worked on most of the text and great support while I was doing coding and art :-) 
So two of us, we created this thing totally from scratch (except for free piece of music for the theme) in 72 hours.

It was a hard time, but we managed. Of course, the game does not include everything we wanted and the balance is not ideal and so on and so on. But we really hope to continue working on this thing and with your support this will be much easier to do. So you are very welcome to comment and vote for us! Thanks everybody, and thanks for such a chance to try our best at this!

Best wishes!

Логотип проекта

Decision-making игра. Reigns+"Головоломка".


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